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The project includes full office renovation, addition of private offices, conference rooms, new cafe area, new workstations, lighting, power and mechanical work, and incidental related work.  Architectural scope of work includes patching and repairing all columns and partitions for new paint, removing and storing telephone for reuse, removing and disposing of existing door and frame, infill wall with fire rated partition, demolishing and discarding of all existing window treatments and associated hardware, removing all carpet tile, removing all power liskey boxes for reuse, building new temporary walls, removing raised access floor panels to allow of new slab to slab partitions, demolishing all ceiling tiles and supporting grid system. New works includes infilling existing openings, patching and repairing all columns and walls, painting corridors, new roller shades, installation of Steelcase Polyvision wall mounted white boards, and new carpet vinyl tile with cover based. Installing new slab to slab gypsum board partitions, new doors and door frames, touchless actuator on walls, and badge readers. Installing new acoustical ceiling tile, signage, and fire extinguishers. Fire Suppression/Fire Alarm scope of work includes demolishing existing sprinkler heads, armovers and branch piping. Installing new sprinklers throughout. Demolishing building evacuation devices, and reusing circuits for new devices. Matos is installing new high fidelity speaker strobes and speakers. Mechanical scope of work includes demolishing existing low pressure branch ductwork, duct installation, fittings, supports, take-offs, flex duct and accessories. Matos is demolishing existing pneumatic VAC boxes including the controlling thermostat, fan bowered boxes, and existing ceiling supply diffusers including associated flex duct, balancing dampers and appurtenances. New work includes installing low pressure branch ductwork, duct installation, fittings, supports, take-offs, flex duct and accessories. Matos is installing dual duct VAV with high efficiency mixing box and associated thermostat. New work also includes the installation of VAV boxes with installation of electrical reheat and associated thermostat and CO2 sensors, double slot diffusers, ceiling supply diffusers, ceiling return panels, and new branch duct. Matos will perform testing, adjusting, and balancing of new installed systems. Electrical scope of work includes demolishing all existing ceiling light fixtures, conduit, wiring, boxes, and electrical support systems. Demolishing all existing light switches, emergency ceiling light fixtures, occupancy sensors, existing signage, public address speakers, and all red beacon lights. All existing power Liskey will be removed, including conductors, conduit, and junction boxes. New work includes new 2×2 light fixtures, downlight fixtures, 2×2 emergency light fixtures, ceiling mounted occupancy sensors, new single pole switches, three-way switches, exit signage, and red beacon lights. New work includes new flush wall mounted receptacles, grounding, 50KVA PDU and wiring, GFCI receptacles, wiring, conduit, junction boxes, and new 12-V-20A circuits. Providing new 18 circuits CII PDM and (1) – 18 CKT factory home run cables. Providing new CII Securelink and whip. Providing new floor power box and whip. Matos is installing CAT6 cabling and new circuit breaker monitoring new PDU.

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