Repairs to Various locations within the Vivarium, National Institute of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD

Project Description

This design-build contract for the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) includes providing all labor, materials, tools, equipment, testing, project management, coordination, and performing all work to provide multiple repairs, touch up finishes and various tasks in (18) rooms located in the basement level vivarium in building 33. The project includes the recertification of the high containment BSL 3 & 4 labs, which NIST requires these labs to be certified every 5 years.

The project scope of work includes patching and painting of walls, door and door hardware modifications, modifications to the electrical outlets and switches, repair and replacement of lights, review of snorkels and thimbles, modifications to the BSC’s, flooring repairs, repairs to the fire sprinklers and escutcheons, repairs to the HVAC supply and diffusers, repair and replacement of counters, casework, sinks, and medical tables.

The project scope of work also includes various wall rail modifications, identifying and replacing broom stows, identifying and replacing broken shoe cover boxes, review of VHP ports, review of weather stripping on door frames, modifications to various UPS to the hard ducted cabinets to prevent issues following power failures or drops, and review of telephone plates.

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