Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Upgrade Frederick, MD

Project Description

The project includes all design, labor, materials, tools, equipment, testing, project management, coordination, and performing all work necessary to design, install, and maintain a Neutral Host In-Building Wide-band Cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS). The wideband fiber-based DAS solution will simultaneously support all cellular and public safety frequencies on a single infrastructure layer. The services will be in a modular architecture so that services can be added or removed without disturbing existing services. Frequency ranges include a minimum of 150MHz to 2700MHz and 3.5GHz –6GHz and be capable of supporting multiple cellular providers. Initial cellular provider coverage includes Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Matos is working with the noted Wireless Service Providers to bring service in and/or facilitate system connection to the carrier network(s). The DAS solution supports public safety frequencies and technologies, including VHF/150MHz, UHG/450MHz, 800MHz, and 700MHZ upon installation. The DAS solution is scalable and adaptable to emerging technologies and capable of supporting future 5G and Private LTE on the same infrastructure without the need to remove and replace hardware. The DAS solution will be integrated with the IRF campus VHF radio system to provide in-building VHF simulcast radio coverage. The DAS solution will have a Network Management System (NMS) capable of alarm, monitoring, configuration, and control of all active components. The DAS NMS will be capable of integration with third party SNMP-based NMS products for alarm purposes and provide alarming information. The DAS solution will provide the maximum space savings and energy efficiency possible. The DAS head-end equipment is expected to be rack-mounted for scalability. The head-end equipment will be installed in existing infrastructure (standard 19-inch network cabinets). The existing antennas are currently fixed/roof-mounted. The work will include relocating or providing new antennas capable of being repositioned to accommodate changes in cellular tower locations. Non-penetrating roof mounts will used to support the antennas. Cabling pathways from the roof and antenna locations will be coordinated with the Owner. If any new roof penetrations are necessary, Matos is required to work with the existing roof manufacturer/installer to ensure warranties remain intact. If it is necessary to increase the height of the antennas, Matos will obtain the services of a qualified lightning protection contractor the ensure the existing certifications remain intact. The DAS will have a Network Management System (NMS) capable of alarm, monitor, configuration, and control of all Active Components, and capable of integration with 3rd party Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) based NMS products for alarm notification purposes. The project includes coordination with various groups such as Security, Safety, IT, Research, Administrative and Facilities. Work activities require close coordination with stakeholders for scheduling to minimize interruptions and impacts and ensure the safety of both the contractor and on-site staff. 

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