FDA Building 66 Accessible Walkway & Vestibule Renovation White Oak, MD

Project Description

The project included the repair, renovation, maintenance, and new construction for the design and construction of an accessible prefabricated walkway structure from the roadway of building 10/security screening facility to Building 66 south atrium. The project included extensive requirements for a secure entrance to the facility. The project included the demolition of the existing entrance doors and installation of standard automatic sliding door assembly. The FDA required the construction of an accessible walkway from the roadway of Building 10/security screening facility to Building 66, south atrium. New accessible walkway and climate-controlled vestibule was required to be constructed.

Civil scope of work included but was not limited to site demolition, clearing, excavating, site preparation, placing concrete for steps and modifications to concrete for sidewalk/ramp, minor landscaping, and site cleanup. Light bollards were installed at the new sidewalk/steps and standard light bollards were installed at the building.

Electrical scope of work included electrical/lighting/security modifications from Building 66 panels. Design lighting and exterior vestibule lighting for Building 66 were installed. Provided new exterior security camera at Building 66 south entrance canopy. Coordinated with FDA security.

Mechanical/Plumbing/Fire Suppression scope of work included providing FCU units under the metal grates and balancing the system. Installed storm water/plumbing connection from canopy roof drain and gutter construction.

Structural scope of work included modifying existing steps, demoed existing retaining wall as required. Provided new ABA accessible sidewalk/ramp from the loading dock in Building 10 entrance road.

Architectural scope of work included but was not limited to replacing and/or providing room finishes to match existing where specified, installation of metal grate flooring in the new vestibule, connected canopy’s rain leader to exterior buildings storm system, patched existing terrazzo flooring as required, and painting of all disturbed locations.

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