Secure Client Server Room Fit-Up PTN36113

Project Description

The project included work on the first floor and basement.

Architectural scope of work included removing 25 floor diffusers, an additional 21 floor diffusers to be reinstalled, and an additional 24 floor diffusers which were returned to the Government. The project included removing and replacing corridor ceiling tiles. New work included slab to slab wire mesh partitions, four manufactured 5-sided wire mesh cage and door systems (approximately 11’x15’ each). Matos also installed wall mounted fire extinguisher cabinets. In the basement, Matos provided scaffold covering over core drill area and plumbing modifications above existing UPS batteries. Matos installed high pressure laminate flooring and wall paint.

Plumbing scope of work included disconnecting and removing existing 4″ sanitary pipe to point of disconnect and capped, existing 4″ horizontal sanitary pipe and trap, isolated 12″ cold water to trap primer, and removed existing drain pan to point of disconnect. In the basement, Matos connected new 4″ sanitary pipe to existing 4″ sanitary pipe, connected new 4″ sanitary pipe to existing floor drain above with trap and primer, connected new drain pan to existing drain pan with watertight seal, patched and sealed existing drain pan with water tight seal and same materials as existing drain pan.

Electrical scope of work included relocating existing equipment to new rack location, integrated new system into the EPO relay panel. Connected both MCB to available spare spaces in EPO relay panel and provided an updated schedule of EPO relay panel. Provided conduit and conductors as required. Matos relocated existing shunt trip connection from subpanel to the MCB at the 480v side. Provided all necessary equipment to ensure a fully operational system. Matos also provided a new 30A duplex wall mounted receptacle, new conduit and wiring, circuit breakers, and wall receptacles. The project also included requirements for a lockable J-Box, core drilling thru the floor slab to fit new 4” RGS conduit, new 4” IMC conduit, (6) 4” EMT conduit, 18” cable tray from penetrations (17’) to floor slab for fiber routing, and all connections, pull box, additional EMT conduit, NEMA box, relocation of occupancy sensors, new light fixtures installed inside cages, light switch and conduit. The project also included requirements for seismic bracing and new structural support hangers. Numerous panel schedules were updated, and Matos provided extensive modifications to the existing SCADA network cabinet including PDU connection to the SCADA system.

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