Building 560 Wing 2 Roof Exhaust Stacks at the National Cancer Institute campus in Frederick, MD

Project Description

Contract for Leidos Biomed, Operations and Technical Support Contractor for the National Cancer Institute at Frederick (NCI-Frederick) for the completion of modifying the roof exhaust stacks and attic exhaust ductwork in Bldg. 560, Wing 2.

Asbestos Abatement scope of work includes removal of asbestos containing materials (ACM) and asbestos containing building materials (ACBM) from within occupied NCI-Frederick Building 560 attic and roof including equipment insulation, pipe insulation, floor tile mastic, sheet flooring, cementitious floor covering and “transite” board.

Demolition scope of work includes removing the existing exhaust stack from the exhaust stack blower through the roof, exhaust fans and associated supports, ductwork (various), HEPA filtration assembly and associated supports, concrete pads (3 various sizes), roofing, guy wires, and gypsum panels.

Mechanical scope of work includes installation of new filters for EAHU, new ductwork (various), housekeeping pads, venturi air valve box, and routing of 24” main up to existing BSC blowers from north side and south side. Matos is providing a shutdown of BioSafety Cabinet (BSC) exhaust served by existing exhaust blowers (2), removing the blowers and installing a section of BSC exhaust. The project includes requirements for backdraft dampers, supply intakes, attic relief vent, round duct, rectangular duct, stack support (cables, EPDM flashing boot, pipe post, grouting, modifications to existing roof purlins, guy wires), weather resistant vertical discharge back draft damper cap, exhaust stack head, insulated roof curb, exhaust fans, fire damper, air ventilator (6), fans (7), filters (5), constant volume terminal units.

Fire Suppression scope of work includes modifications and relocation of the sprinkler line as required for installation of makeup air duct.

Electrical scope of work includes demolition and removal of disconnects and feeders, breakers, power connections, and demolition of electrical systems as it relates to the installation of all new mechanical systems. Demolition requirements also include moving junction boxes and outlets, wiring and conduit, specific grounding, and circuits. New work includes the installation and modification of electrical systems as it relates to the installation of all new mechanical systems including the installation of conduit, wiring, lighting, fire alarm notification appliances, outlets, junction boxes, circuit breakers, and all final connections.

Electronic Safety and Security scope of work includes the installation of detection devices (heat and smoke), control tubing and wiring for smoke detection devices and smoke dampers. The project includes requirements for motor control centers, humidity transmitter, direct digital controls, pressure transmitter, thermostat, smoke detectors, VFD’s, velocity transmitter, and switches. The project includes requirements for tying into the building automation system, and exhaust fan control.

Concrete scope of work includes installation of new housekeeping pads.

Architectural scope of work includes extensive roofing modifications and repair for the installation of the new exhaust stacks including insulated roof curb, guy wire support, waterproofing, plywood backing, gypsum board, fiberglass shingles, gypsum concrete patching and wood chip shavings at 500 PSI compression strength.

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