Design-Build Services for Inpatient Nurse Stations Refresh National Institutes of Health Bethesda, MD

Project Description

The project includes replacing the existing millwork nurse stations on the 1st and 3rd floor of the Clinical Research Center with systems furniture nurse stations. The project also entails new flooring in the nurse stations area, replacement of the existing light fixtures and patch and painting of the walls and soffits.

Demolition scope of work includes removal of the existing nurse stations in its entirety, existing countertops, cabinet doors and trim around the doors, light fixtures, undercabinet lighting, flooring and base, receptacles (both normal and emergency) and voice/data outlets, and corner guards.

Architectural scope of work includes the installation of new nurse stations using same footprint as existing. Replacing glass in any units that had existing glass, installing new countertops, cabinet doors and trim in workstations, preparing floor slab for new rubber flooring, and installing new corner guards. Matos will patch and paint all the walls including workstations and areas designated. Matos will paint all bulkheads, replace damaged ceiling tiles, and cabinet door and drawer hardware to be adjusted/repaired/replaced.

Electrical scope of work includes installing LED light fixtures in same locations as existing. All new light fixtures will have dimmer switches. Lighting circuits not being reused will be pulled back to nearest junction box and terminated. All unused utilities are to be terminated at the source, and Matos is installing occupancy sensors for under cabinet LED lighting where existing lights were removed.

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