Renovate Laboratory Space Zahl Physical Science Laboratory (PSL) to Facilitate the Installation of the Silicon Carbide (SiC) Reactor

Project Description

The objective of this project was to renovate laboratory space and install finished carpentry within the Zahl Physical Science Laboratory (PSL) to accommodate the Silicon Carbide (SiC) Reactor(s) to enhance capabilities in Epitaxial growth. The LPE S.p.A. Epitaxy Silicon Carbide Reactor has been a primary application of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). CVD is a process whereby a thin solid film is synthetized from the gaseous phase by a chemical reaction. The purpose of epitaxy is to grow a silicon carbide layer of uniform thickness and accurately controlled electrical properties and so to provide a perfect substrate for the subsequent device processing. Key features of construction included (1) Toxic gas supply from bunkers to labs in coaxial orbital welded high purity lines, (2) Fabrication and installation of polymer lined SS caustic exhaust system, (3) Extensive electrical fit-out and re-grounding of labs, (4) Modification of house supplied RO/DI water, acid waste, VAC, nitrogen, and argon, (6) Installation of 27 new Mil-Rams for toxic gas detection system, (7) Installation of chemical fume hood, (8) Installation of uninterrupted power source, (9) Commissioning, testing, and air balancing of HVAC and exhaust systems, (10) Commissioning and testing of toxic gas lines, (11) Safety audit including arc flash analysis and toxic gas emergency shut down procedures.

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