Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Baltimore Loading Dock Repair Project Baltimore, MD

Project Description

The scope of work includes demolition of the loading dock topping slab, replacement of the slab waterproofing, new waterproofing, and new topping slab. Matos is completing the excavation of the foundation wall to replace the foundation wall waterproofing and will be installing a new drainage system. The scope of work includes demolition of areas of the exterior wall of the loading dock to increase the loading dock bay area, new topping slab and waterproofing. An area of the parking area will be excavated to the basement roof below grade in order to remove and replace the waterproofing. Matos will then backfill, compact, test the soils for compaction, and place new asphalt paving. The project includes requirements for selective demolition, masonry, pipe and tubing railings, fluid-applied waterproofing, below-grade fluid-applied waterproofing, sheet metal, joint sealants, hollow metal doors and frames, exterior painting.

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